Weighing Scale

Weighing Scale


Weighing scales or scales are devices that can measure the weight of an item placed on it. They are precise measurement instruments that can be used to measure a range of items within different applications and environments, as long as it is within the weighing capacity. Weighing scales can range in design from being ultra-compact and portable, easy to transport and store away, especially for weighing smaller items on the go, or can be larger and a more permanent fixture within the area it is being used it, generally for weighing larger, heavier items. Weighing scales are incredibly versatile and easy to use


  • Both AC (Alternating Current) and DC (direct current) can use.
  • It has leveling instrument
  • Self-calibration
  • LCD backlight function
  • It also has 0.1 g high accuracy.
  • Durable stainless pan.
Weighing Scale 1000g
Weighing Scale 1000g

Technical Parameters:

Model Max Weighing Quantity Min Weighing Quantity Scale Size Power
TX-30 30 kg 1 g 300 × 400 mm AC:220V; DC: 6V
TX-HC-B1-1000 1000 g 0.01 g DC: 6V

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