Light Box

Light Box


It’s used for textile, printing and dyeing industry to evaluate visually color fastness, match colors proofing, Identify aberration and fluorescent material. Therefore, it can make testing sample, production, check and accept in the same standard light source, it can proofread accurately product color deviation, to ensure product quality to meet requirements.


  • All source lights imported and conforming to international standards.
  • Equipped with British Verified, American Macbeth, Osram, Sylvania, GE Philips International standardized lights source.
  • Internationally standardized grey-colored background inside; Controlled by computer; light switching via touchable button.
  • Digital liquid indicator with subtitles.
  • The name, working time and times of switching-on-and-off of each light recorded independently.
  • A capacity to test the same color with various spectra conforming to the international standards: ISO ASTM DIN BSI ANSI CIE.
  • Approved by the State Quality Administration and with an authorized test report appended.
  • Chinese professional criteria draft preliminary organization.

Technical Parameters:

Photosource Name Number of Light Power Color Temperature
D65-International Standard Artificial Daylight 2 pcs 20 w/pcs 5000K
TL84-European, Japan Shop Light Source 2 pcs 20 w/pcs 4000K
CWF-Cool White Fluorescent 2 pcs 40 w/pcs 4150K
UV-Ultraviolet Lamp 1 pcs 20 w/pcs —–
U30-Warm White Fluorescent 2 pcs 36 w/pcs 3000K
Yellow Light Source, Colorimetric Reference Light Source 4 pcs 40 w/pcs 2700K

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