Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine


The hydraulic swing arm-cutting machine is suitable for cutting nonmetal materials such as wallet assembly, small toys, decoration, leather bags accessories and so on with small die cutter.


  • Rotation of swing arm is flexible, and operation and materials selection is convenient.
  • High quality seamless steel tubes are adopted and processed into pillars, which are supported by top and bottom holes, to guarantee the flexible rotation and good reliability of upper beating board.
  • The switch is operated by both hands to guarantee the safety of operators.
  • The position of rocker can be adjusted by the hand wheel at the top of machine and the cutting troke is adjusted by timer so that the optimal cutting position can be achieved easily, the working efficiency is enhanced, and the service life of die cutter and cushion board is prolonged.
  • The inertial of flying wheel is used to store energy, which saves the energy.

Technical Parameters:

Cutting Force25 Tons
Sway Arm Width450 × 540 mm
Stroke Adjustment5-100 mm
Distance Between Upper Table and Lower Table65-120 mm
Table Area1000 × 500 mm
Sensor Speed0.085 m/s
Motor Power1.5 kw
Voltage3 Phase 380V / Single Phase 220V

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