Flexo Plate Making Machine (Water/Solvent)

Flexo Plate Making Machine


This equipment consists of an uncovered plate-exposing machine, a connected plate washing machine, and a drawer type de-sticking and drying plate integrated machine. The printing unit is equipped with an automatic air-cooling heat sink, so that when making a high-net-line flexo, the temperature will not be too high due to long-term exposure and affect the quality of the plate. UVC lamp is used as the light source for de-sticking, and a powerful ozone discharge device is installed.


  • It is made of stainless steel, featuring in durability and will not get rusty.
  • Opted imported Philip specific printer lamp, Philip rectifier (frequency transforming type is good for registering).
  • Imported slow reflective violet suction membrane (Japan Toyo)
  • Computer controller enables it to be easily operated
  • Adopted American digital integrated thermo sensor.
  • Adopted American thermo sensor.
  • Japanese Panasonic or oriental printing plate washer, Japanese ORIX constant dry oven, featuring in strong wind.
  • Adopted Philip specific UVC light source for removing the sticking sheet.
  • Integrated exposure, washing printing plate and removing sheet, it is good equipment for making soft printing plates.

Technical Parameters:

Model Printer Area Power Dimension
TX-ZX-400 430 × 320 mm 2.2 kw 710 × 610 × 1050 mm
TX-ZX-900 900 × 600 mm 3.7 kw 1190 × 910 × 1150 mm

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