Screen Dryer

Screen Dryer


In the screen-printing process for drying screen pre-processing, light sensitive coating, printing down after screen cleaning processes. It applies to drying the screen plate during the screen printing process.


  • Adjustable range of temperature with temperature 50℃ in the room.
  • 5floor drawers and each drawer can operate independently.
  • Temperature controller adjusts the temperature according to the requirement of process.
  • The screen plate adopts horizontal drying mode, heating evenly in the box, drying quickly, and can control the dust effectively to protect the screen plate from being polluted before drying.
  • The light box is installed on the top of oven which is easy to operate, saving time and energy.

Technical Parameters:

Model Screen Frame Size Number of Plates Temperature Range Power Source Dimension
TX-HX 1012 800 × 1000 mm 5 Pieces Room Temperature ~ 50°C Adjustable Thermal Control 220V 3.6 kw 1200 × 1000 × 1000 mm
TX-HX 1215 1000 × 1300 mm 5 Pieces 1500 × 1200 × 1000 mm

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