Label Drying Oven (Ribbon)

Label Drying Oven (Ribbon)


This type of curing oven shell of the steel plate, welded by thin steel made, surface by high temperature resistant metal hammer grain painting shell and bladder between the aluminum silicate fiber filling, form reliable thermal insulation layer. Work with indoor cycle duct equipped with crush drum wind circulation system make indoor temperature work more even. Temperature control with digital display meter automatic constant temperature regulation. All electrical equipment operation is packed in boxes in the control layer. Oven door install Windows, test process can be clearly seen.


  • Strengthen label printing color firm (all web satin ribbon, nylon).For baking, drying, heat treating and other purposes of heating of matter (but it is not suitable for drying flammable matter, otherwise, it may cause explosion).
  • For drying the polyester ribbon in roll, we suggest to drying for 3-4 hours at 80-100 degree temperature.

Technical Parameters:

Model Inside Size Temperature Range Power Outside Size
TX-MHK-550 550 × 450 × 550 mm 50—250℃ 220V / 2.4 kw 900 × 670 × 820 mm

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