Washing Booth

Washing Booth


Washout booth is essential for maintaining an efficient screen printing preparation and reclaiming room. The proper disposal of ink, chemicals, and emulsion by-products is critical. Waste solids have the potential to ruin plumbing and septic systems and have harmful effects on the environment.


  • This machine is of anti-rust and anti-corrosion thanks to the stainless steel material
  • Back light system provides enough light to check if the washout effect is good on the screen
  • High pressure pump and spray gun is matched with this machine
  • Water tank is assembled at its bottom
Washing Booth - TX - 1200XB
Washing Booth - TX - 1200XB

Technical Parameters:

Model TX-1200XB TX-WAS1224
Max Frame Size 1000 x 1200 mm 1200 x 2450 mm
Min Frame Size 400 x 400 mm 400 x 400 mm
Function Screen Frame Macking Screen Frame Macking
Nozzle Stainless Steel Size 20 Stainless Steel Size 20
Touch Screen Delta Delta
Water Pump Pumping Head 65m Pumping Head 65m
Pressure 0-5 kg/cm2 0-5 kg/cm2
Light 5 kw 5 kw
Power Supply 380V 380V
Power Consumption 9 kw 9 kw
Dimenstion 2231 x 1090 x 4450 mm 2231 x 1090 x 4450 mm

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